What we offer

  • Maximal support and dedicated communication oriented towards positioning you and your brand at the leading market position. Our team works fast and is reliable. It is a team you can always trust in providing you the needed and accurate information, one that is always ready to help you to make and implement the most successful strategies for eventually having satisfied customers and sales growth.
  • Maximal effectiveness and success in takeovers and brand repositioning (for brands that are already positioned on the local market). Our management team, with utter dedication, thorough approach and in total coordination with you will create your success strategy for the Macedonian market.
  • Maximal market coverage through wide distributive network, with specialized warehouse and office space, following the latest world standards and with modern vehicle fleet.
  • Maximizing the efficiency. This means regular improvement of the logistic processes and continual investment in our employees' skills in order to achieve maximal effect in all working sectors.
  • Well-established and stable cooperation with all the key customers and sales chains in the country.
  • Maximal care for the goods, from the moment of reception to delivery and market positioning. We take special care for the place the products take on the shelves in stores, making sure that they are always in good condition, well positioned and available for the end customer.


Regardless of how big your company is or the prevalence of your brands, we would like you to know that all our suppliers and partners are equally important to us. We exist to help you in expanding your brands. We are fast, trustworthy and we have already proved to be reliable in what we do.


We believe and have proved that we can see FAR and that we are capable to shift your brands on long distances, from beginners position to the leading one at the local market.


So go Big and go FAR. Build your dream with Kolid S Team!