In the functioning of one contemporary and successful distributive system, only satisfied, capable and dedicated employees can fit in. What we see today is that with permanent investing in our employees and treating them, our clients and also our partners with integrity, we have become a company that grows with incredible speed and success, with strong and consistent relationships with our partners.

The credo of the company that actually defines our core values is shown through the acronym FAR (Fast, Accessible and Reliable):


  • We always strive to be Fast and flexible and to respond to the needs of the market, at the same time to the needs of our clients and collaborators.
  • We are Accessible. We approach our partners with utmost honesty and responsibility, always caring for an on-time fulfillment of their needs . We are developing an atmosphere with a friendly spirit, and our competent employees are always here to respond to you.
  • We work with full attention, dedication and competence. Moreover, the brands that we distribute are approached as our own and we fully dedicate ourselves to their individual growth on the market. We are Reliable.