Macedonian consumers will have the opportunity to use the well known dairy products “A la kajmak” and “Sirko”, as well as cottage cheese and Feta cheese known under the brand name “Mediteraneo”. Although the products were not present for a long period of time, the management of this modern and reputed company is convinced that they can bring these products back to Macedonian homes, hence Mlekara Šabac products will again become the most wanted and best sellers among the dairy products on the Macedonian market. Starting from the 1st of May, the exclusive importer and distributor of Mlekara Šabac for Macedonia is Kolid S Team.



Kolid S Team has become the general distributor of baby cosmetics Kosili, brand with long tradition of 40 years, quality and original formula. In its portfolio Kosili includes baby bath, shampoo, body milk, oil, soap etc 

The Italian COSTA D'ORO premium olive oil became part of Kolid S Team family.

The company Costa d'Oro was founded in 1968, as a small family business with local characteristics. Costa d'Oro has achieved the status of a quality-oriented company, both in the national and international markets.

Today, Costa d'Oro covers approximately 70 countries around the world and has its unique range of products, highly recognizable on the shelf that includes: extra virgin olive oils, Italian olive oil, the unfiltered, the healthily line, the organic etc