Distributive network and logistics

Through the well-developed distributive network and logistic system, Kolid S Team covers the whole territory of the R. of Macedonia. In order to achieve this, we approach all the available channels for reaching appropriate market segments in accordance with the company’s development goals and sales strategy for each separate group of products.

Kolid S Team owns three distributive centers, each including office space and stock house. They are all positioned in such a way so that they can cover the whole country in a fast and accessible way.

The main center is placed in Skopje close to the new ring road, which gives the company very favorable logistic position. The second one is located in Kolesino (Strumica) and covers all the territory of South-East Macedonia; and the third one is in Bitola covering the South-West region.

The total warehouse and office space of the company covers an area of around 6000m2.

Having in mind the needs and desires of the end customers, we provide ontime, fast and safe delivery to all chains and retail objects in the country. For fast and efficient accomplishments, Kolid S Team constantly invests in logistic and strategic planning, new data technologies, professional work force and wide range of well equipped vehicles.

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