What we offer

Our definition for success is determined by the success of your stores. We build our success on several things:


  • We know that the retail business carries high risks that challenge your improvement every day. In order to stay successful the business requires huge investments. At the same time we are aware that for you to deliver high commercial service you depend on the service, quality and the speed of your distributors and deliverers. We understand you.
  • We have experience, excellent partnerships, efficient logistic systems and great support tools that are integrated in a way that is set up to help you become as much profitable as you can.
  • We posses wide portfolio of world and home brands. We are general representatives for many world and regional brands.
  • We know the market. Together with our suppliers, we continually follow the market trends and our end customers’ desires. We are confident to say that our brands are recognized and accepted by those who buy them because they are actually inspired by THEM.
  • We develop special marketing strategy for each brand. Every product is supported by clear and most appropriate strategy for positioning and high exit frequency from the retail objects.
  • Our commercial force is available, outgoing and trained to help you in your decision which goods to order, in what quantities, what price to set and how to position the products on your shelves.
  • For sales advancement in the retail objects we provide adequate activities and promotional support applying contemporary merchandizing standards.
  • Team of trained merchandisers continually works on the shelves in your stores and makes sure that the products are always well positioned, well exposed and available in optimal quantities.
  • We offer you daily delivery to all your stores. The goods are delivered in 24 hours’ time, well packed and kept in good condition. From the factory to your store, the products are transported and kept in highly controlled conditions that are required by the producers themselves. Our system for warehousing guarantees safe and well maneuvering of the goods and keeping them safe in the required temperatures.


We look forward to the possibility of putting our services to serve your success!