Kolid S Team

Kolid S Team is one of the largest companies in the Republic of Macedonia for distribution of products for wide consumption.


It has been built and is still getting developed mainly on four main pillars that are responsible for its greatness: experienced and professional team, consistent investments in its key resources, strong vision and, most of all, its strategic orientation towards satisfying the needs and desires of the end consumers.


Our experienced and professional team is always ready to respond to any requirement for high quality distribution that the large systems, store chains and other retailers have.


Kolid S Team continually invests in strengthening its own key resources which are crutial for creating a modern distribution, through a thorough development of a stable distributive network, adequate products portfolio, modern and well equiped storehouse and through its wide range of vehicles.


The strong vision and hard work made us and are still keeping us a significant player and supporter of the current and the future constructive society changes. We strongly believe that a serious company should not lack this attribute.


Kolid S Team is always focused on fulfilling the needs and desires of its customers, which, we believe, is the key factor for its growth.


If You want to know more about our partners, resources and what makes this company one of the best brand builders in the country, please feel free to explore and read more on our website.